Kerrits Ice Fil Matching Outfits Product Review

It's almost three weeks since the first day of summer, and it officially feels like summertime, finally. And it’s a hot one! My summer plans (outside of working, of course) include riding my horse and laying by the pool. Now that I've been introduced to the Kerrits Ice Fil outfits, I am staying cool for BOTH activities.

Kerrits Ice Fil Print Shortsleeve Shirt and Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tight have become regulars in my summer riding wardrobe. Not only am I hooked, but I’ve got my niece, Rileigh, dressed head to toe in Ice Fil too. This little girl acts as my shadow at the barn, so naturally I had to get us matching outfits. She is wearing the Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Print Shortsleeve Shirt and Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Tight. Both of our shirts are the Sky Link print and tights are color INK.   

First things first, what is Ice Fil? According to the Kerrits website, "Ice Fil is a type of fabric that converts sweat to refrigerant; lowering your skin temperature up to 5 degrees. The ultra-light fabric provides increased airflow and rapid cooling evaporation technology to beat this summer heat wave." To paraphrase, it’s amazing and if you haven’t jumped on the Ice Fil bandwagon yet, YOU SHOULD! We love this outfit because it is both functional and cute with the unique print and pop of color.

The Ice Fil Print Shortsleeve Shirt is as light as a feather. It allowed for air to flow through as well as kept us protected from the sun with 30+ UPF protection. If you need more breathability, just adjust the 10” zipper for more ventilation. The print is super fun, however, the secret function of it is to hide dust, dirt, and grime that you pick up while at the barn. So clever!  

The other half of this outfit is the Ice Fil Tech Tights. These are so great to ride outside in. You don’t have to worry about overheating because of the breathable fabric, nor do you need to worry about sun damage as they have 50+ UPF protection woven into the fabric. Confession time, this is a major bonus for me since I tend to forget to put on sunscreen (I’m trying to be better!). Rileigh has

been casually riding for about a year; she has been taking her time to build confidence in the saddle. These tights help her keep her butt in the saddle and her legs in correct position. She loved how they were able to assist her while she was learning how to post. Her confidence was through the roof! Rileigh felt comfortable enough to keep riding; it was her longest ride yet. As for me, I also loved the fact that the Kerrit Sticks silicone grips kept my butt in the saddle. I was sore from the gym and being a little lazy, so the extra grip was just enough to help me out. C’mon, we all have these kinds of rides sometimes, right? Another feature that is useful are the side pockets. I was able to fit my phone and a couple treats for Bentley in them while we were getting her ready. Rileigh was able to stash a couple mints in hers too, so she could give B some treats of her own. There was no shortage of treats, that’s for sure!

Matching outfits with my niece is a fun way to get her even more excited about going to the barn with me. She’s starting to gain more confidence around horses in general and with the help of these grippy tights, now building it in the saddle too. We were the talk of the barn in our matching Kerrits outfits! 

For the outfits, I am wearing a size small Kerrits Ice Fil Print Shortsleeve Shirt and Rileigh is in the kid’s option size small, both are Sky Link print. The Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tight I am wearing is a size medium and her's is a size medium as well in the kid’s. Both are the color INK. The Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Tight is available in several different colors that match the various prints of the Kerrits Kid's Ice Fil Print Shortsleeve Shirt

 Photo credits: @303pearson on Instagram

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