Horze Durafit Fly Sheet for One Stop Product Review

I’m just going to start with the obvious, the FLIES ARE RELENTLESS this year. Or maybe that's every summer and I just forget?? Either way, my horse has been miserable and I’ve been looking for anything that can offer her some sort of relief.

Introducing the Horze For One Stop Durafit Fly Sheet. One Stop Equine Shop has partnered with Horze Equestrian to bring you this exclusive fly sheet at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. I tried it out on a humid Sunday evening, during sunset when flies and mosquitoes are out for blood, and Bentley was pleasantly grazing with no swish of her tail! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s so unusual for her to be so chill during the evening like that. She was outside for about an hour, just lazily eating grass, enjoying life.

This exclusive One Stop sheet is made of lightweight mesh fabric which is extremely breathable and offers enough protection at the same time. I had both the belly and leg straps tightened about half-way with ample room to loosen or tighten more. I'll mention that with this sheet the sizes run from size 60 in increments of 3, so I assumed since my horse normally wears a size 74 she would be better off in a size 72. I didn’t want the straps to be too long on the 75 or for her to be swimming in it. Turns out Bentley could’ve used a size 75 as she’s on the second to last holes for the straps across her chest. BUT she was still able to reach down to graze comfortably with no tightness through her shoulders. The rest of the sheet fit great, covering halfway down her forearms and almost down to her hocks. There are several features that make sure it stays on properly including belly surcingles, double buckle closures, leg straps, and a tail string that you can attach to the opposite side. My horse doesn’t care for straps under her tail so I went without this feature. The sheet still stayed in perfect place, even through her random bursts of energy. 

Once I brought her in, I took the fly sheet off and even with how humid it was, she was completely dry underneath. She had a few bites on her neck where there was no coverage, but nothing on her body where the sheet was protecting her. In conclusion, Bentley had a grand old time peacefully grazing in the pasture, AND I was the one getting eaten alive and sweating my butt off following her around the pasture, trying to get pictures!! The things we do for our horses….

As mentioned above, the Horze For One Stop Durafit Fly Sheet starts at size 60 and goes in increments of 3 until size 84. You can purchase it here.

Check out our Instagram to see a video of Bentley rockin' her new fly sheet here.

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