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Lunge Lines

Lunging has many benefits, both for you and your horse. You can use it to make great strides in your horse's training by working through certain routines in the roundpen, which can be made all the more effective by introducing some training tack. Lunging is also useful for developing your horse's muscles evenly and improving its ability to turn. Last but not least, lunging provides a fast and easy way for you to warm up and cool down your horse, or simply give him some exercise on the days you can't ride. Lunging should be a part of every horse's training and exercise regimen, which is why it's so important to make sure you've got the right tools for it. Start off with a great lunge line and you'll already have the main component of a quality lunging setup. One Stop Equine Shop offers many expertly crafted lunge lines that look great and can withstand daily use. We carry loop-end and donut-end lines, padded  or basic, with chains or snap closures. Our lunge lines come in many sizes and colors, as well as easy to handle materials such as cushioned nylon or cotton web.