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Leather Half Chaps

Leather half chaps represent the best of both fashion and function. Half chaps are ideal for minimizing leg rub and irritation; what's more, leather half chaps can provide superior protection that might not always be available with synthetic materials. This is why leather half chaps represent an excellent choice for riders who want to eliminate as much leg rub as possible.

In order to determine what size leather half chaps you'll need, it's important to measure your leg with the breeches and socks you'll be wearing while riding (no athletic socks allowed!). This can help provide you with the most accurate fit possible, which is essential for finding the right pair of chaps based on your needs. It's important to only measure your legs when you're sitting, as this can ensure that your leather half chaps  are comfortable. Measure the circumference of your calf muscles, as well as the height of the back of your heel up to the back of your knee.

At One Stop Equine Shop, we offer a wide range of leather half chaps that are perfect for schooling or a day of casual riding. No matter what your level or riding experience, our leather half chaps will perfectly fit your needs. One Stop Equine Shop features leather half chaps from a range of designers, including Ovation, Tredstep Ireland, and Tuffrider. Please note that styles and sizes range from brand to brand.