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Seat Savers and Gel Pads

Next time you're going for a ride, ensure that both you and your horse are comfortable with your choice of saddle gel pads, as well as gel seat savers for saddles. Shop our full collection here, with a dozen selections for you to choose between. We know you'll find the perfect choice at a great low price.

Technically, saddle pads for sale are designed to distribute your weight, and ease the burden for the horse. Meanwhile, a saddle seat saver is designed to ease the burden on you, providing for a more comfortable ride. Some available models may actually help to do both, so you and your horse will both enjoy a ride with a little bit less stress on your bones and joints.

Here, you'll find a variety of different saddle seat cushion and pads. They're available from different manufacturers, and you'll find them with different colors, materials and features. You'll even be able to find western saddle pads, non slip pads, and sheepskin models as well.

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