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Half Pads

Here at One Stop Equine Shop, we carry dozens of different half saddle pads for sale. This includes from all of the top brands and manufacturers, along with saddle half pads in different colors, materials, and more.

What differentiates saddle half pads for sale from full saddle pads is that they're designed to easily fit underneath the saddle, and to be used together at the same time. This can improve the fit of your saddle, offering something more snug, secure and stable, while also helping reduce stress on both you and your horse at the same time. A little bit more comfort on both sides of that equation can go a long way for an improved experience, of course.

One popular brand we have are the Thinline saddle pads. If you're looking for something else beyond a Thinline half pad though, other leading brands here include E.A. Mattes, ECP, T3 Matrix, and more. Some people don't search by brand, but rather by style, making the sheepskin half pad a very popular and in demand selection.