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Just one day spent around a barn will teach the average person that being around horses requires the right types of clothing - something equestrians already know well. A proper riding wardrobe should carry a variety of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and headwear that is specially designed for horseback riding and work around the barn. One Stop Equine Shop gives you a wide selection of riding clothes, including many fashionable and functional vests. The vests in our catalog can easily go from barn to home, being cute and comfy enough to complement your everyday wear as well as your riding gear. We have vests from top equestrian brands such as Asmar Equestrian, Goode Rider, Kerrits, and Noble Outfitters. Vests are great equestrian wear for a number of reasons. They warm your core without restricting the movement of your arms, and are often equipped with many pockets that are useful for holding your phone, keys, and other items while you're in the saddle. Several of our vests are also designed to protect your body during cold, wet, and windy weather, including the Asmar Equestrian Shift Convertible Jacket & Vest, and the BAKER Ladies Country Quilted Vest.