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English Stirrup Leathers

English riders need a variety of tack pieces to ensure that they're riding in good form, and One Stop Equine Shop makes it easy to get them all from a single, reputable source. Here, we carry English tack items and accessories of all shapes and sizes, including English Stirrup Leathers. Our inventory consists of the best leathers from the equine world's most well-known brands, thereby providing you with a can't-go-wrong shopping experience. Stirrup leathers are one of the most important yet often overlooked parts of your tack setup. As the very pieces that connect your stirrups to the saddle, they are responsible for creating the right stirrup length, and being tough enough to resist all the tension and pressure that comes from placing your weight in your footing. Without good quality English stirrup leathers, you could end up with issues like fraying, snapping, or excessive stretching. Our best sellers include the Bates Stirrup Leathers, Henri de Rivel Triple Covered Stirrup Leathers and the Horze Elite Leather Stirrups. We're always updating our stock with the latest designs, so check back regularly to see what new leathers we have in store.