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Roma Reflective Breakaway Headcollar

  • $19.99

The Roma Reflective Breakaway Halter improves your horse's visibility and can help you spot him at night. With reflective strips on its front facing straps, this halter is great to use when turning your horse out at night. It's also excellent to leave on when you're riding or hand walking your horse by a road in poor visibility, as it can help to make your horse more noticeable to drivers. The Roma Reflective Breakaway Halter offers the strength and durability of a nylon halter, but its breakaway design means additional safety. Whereas a standard nylon halter will not break and should not be left on a horse that is turned out, this halter includes a leather breakaway link on its crown. In an emergency the leather link will break, freeing the horse and helping to prevent serious injury. This quality halter features buckles on the crownpiece and noseband, meaning that it is fully adjustable for the best fit for your horse. All of the buckle holes are reinforced with metal grommets to prevent fraying and stretching. A throatlatch clip makes fastening this halter fast and easy.

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