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When you're riding and you plan to wear gloves, why not wear gloves that offer significant benefits? Our Horseware Ireland Ionic Rider Gloves start with breathable, water-resistant, compression fabric that's elasticized for easy fit with a stretch grip palm. The added benefits are due to the ionic therapy technology in these gloves. They have dots of Tourmaline on the inside that emit negative ions and, when in contact with the skin, they magnetize the water in the body's tissues balancing and realigning certain elements. It's like hitting reset for your hands, relieving aches and pains and improving circulation just for starters. If you have achy hands, you'll love the benefits of ionic therapy offered by these Ionic Rider Gloves.

Tourmaline is ground up, infused with ceramic and printed on the inside of our Ionic Rider Gloves. This puts the Tourmaline in direct contact with tired, aching hands providing relief and improved circulation. The Tourmaline dots emit negative ions. When they come in contact with the skin those ions charge the water in the body's tissues and balance and realign many systems. The benefits of the ionic therapy and the compression fabric will relieve achy hands, improve circulation, increase oxygen delivery to cells and tissues and restore pH balance.

The Ionic Rider Gloves offer supreme comfort, as well as improved hand and finger circulation. Other benefits: Relieve stress and pain, Boost daytime energy levels, Alleviate depression. NEGATIVE IONS ARE EVERYWHERE! Get outside and enjoy the positive benefits of negative ions. Stimulates metabolism, Strengthens the immune system, Reduces blood pressure.

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