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Roma Bungee Trailer/Stable Tie

  • $14.99

The Roma Bungee Trailer/Stable Tie is a quick and convenient way to clip your horse to the trailer, or to their stall for grooming. The stretchy bungee is set to a 20” length, making it a great length for safely tying a horse. Have it always ready to easily clip a horse to by the halter, with the quick release snap end, and the bigger bull snap with easy-to-open trigger goes to the trailer or wherever is appropriate in the barn. Fastening the bull snap to a piece of twine between the solid ring you are clipping to and it, makes it even safer. The appeal of the bungee is in the stretch. When horses have a fear-reaction to pull back, they often feel panicked at the restriction at the headstall of the halter, or the part that goes behind their ears. This restriction causes enough alarm that they continue to pull until something breaks. With the stretch element of the bungee, they won’t feel the restriction, and thus are less likely to have an extreme reaction. The bungee is looped around the hardware and reinforced with a sturdy wrapping. The Bungee Trailer/Stable Tie by Roma is a great accessory for quick fastening of your horse to a short tie

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