Myler 2-Ring Combination Bit Low Port Comfort Snaffle MB 04

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Stainless Steel 2-Ring Combination Bit - 4 3/4 Shank with Sweet Iron Low Port Comfort Snaffle (MB 04) Copper Inlay Mouth. This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes.

The MB 04 is similar to the MB 02 in that it will rotate on the tongue and apply tongue pressure, however, it has a small (¼") port that introduces some tongue relief to the horse. The port allows the horse to swallow and move his tongue when he is moving forward and relaxed, which acts as a release or reward. The mouthpiece is curved, and it wraps around the bars and lips instead of pinching. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

  • Independent Side Movement
  • Sweet Iron Mouthpiece
  • The curved mouthpiece does not pinch lips and bars
  • Copper Inlay

Notes: The MB 04 provides an excellent transition from Level One to Level Two. It is suitable for a wide range of horses including green horses, experienced horses entering the Myler System, horses that have been ridden exclusively in a single-jointed mouthpiece, or horses that have not been ridden for a while needing re-schooling.

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