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Korsteel Stainless Steel Waterford Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

  • $25.99

The Waterford is a popular bit for the show ring - in hunters, jumpers, and 3-day eventing! The Korsteel Waterford Loose Ring Snaffleis a milder bit that discourages a horse from leaning and getting strong by the ball-and-link 'texture' of it. The mouthpiece of the Waterford Loose Ring is entirely flexible. It is multi-jointed and bends and flexes to form itself to the shape of an individual horse's mouth. For horses that lean and get strong, the Waterford mouthpiece has nothing for the horse to lean on, or get strong against. You'll minimize the opportunity to set the bit against the horse's molars! Many horses appreciate this, and like the flexibility and feel of the mouthpiece. Referred to by some as a 'bubble-bit', the Waterford Loose Ring is comprised of a series of balls and links. There is nothing to hinge, therefore there is nothing to bump against the horse's palette either. The loose rings outside a horse's mouth slide up and down as the horse 'mouths' the bit. This contributes to the flexibility and freedom the horse feels with the Korsteel Waterford Loose Ring Snaffle! The loose-ring snaffle is made of stainless steel. It is extremely easy to clean and care for, and does not need polishing to maintain the beauty and shine of the silver color! It is non-corrosive and neutral in taste and odor for the horse.

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