Korsteel Stainless Steel Twisted Wire 3.5" Rings Big Dee Bit

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For experienced riders on strong horses, the Korsteel Twisted Wire Big Dee Snaffle can be the bit for occasional use on horses that get really strong, or run through the bridle with no respect for a half-halt. The mouthpiece is considered severe, and thus the bit should never be used by a rider that is unsteady with their hands, or has to catch their own balance with the reins. The twisted wire will concentrate the pressure across the tongue and bars of the horse. The narrow width, and the twisted texture will 'dig' in much more than the slow twist or regular single-jointed dee snaffles. This may cause an extreme reaction in the horse, so it is not advisable for horses that are sensitive or reactive by their nature. The Big Dee rings give more pressure on the horse's nose as one rein is used, assisting in turning. This can be a bit for careful use in retraining a racehorse, or a horse that has become extremely dull and strong in the bridle. The stainless steel of the Korsteel Twisted Wire Big Dee Snaffle is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and it is non-corrosive. It has a neutral taste and odor for the horse.

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