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Korsteel Stainless Steel Tom Thumb Pelham Bit

  • $39.99

If you often use breastplates, martingales, or neck straps that attach to the front dee rings of your saddle, you may notice that after a while, the tension they place on the dee rings can create a lot of wear on your saddle. Depending on your horse's body type or the discipline you ride in, you may not be able to forego using the tack that attaches to the dee rings. Thankfully, this doesn't mean that you're forced to ruin your saddle's dee rings. When you use our Weatherbeeta Kincade Dee Ring Savers, you can rest easy knowing that delicate parts of your saddle are being tugged loose every time you ride. These simple attachments slide over the stirrup bars of your saddle, just behind where the front dee rings are usually located. The end that slides over the bars is constructed out of tightly woven industrial grade nylon, which is stitched into tough leather tabs holding brass dee rings. Once attached to your stirrup bars, you can then clip your tack onto Weatherbeeta's Kincade Dee Ring Savers just as you would your normal saddle rings. Sold in sets of 2. Since they are extremely affordable, they can be replaced easily.

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