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Korsteel Stainless Steel Solid Mouth Jointed 16Mm Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

  • $17.99

The solid mouthpiece of the Korsteel Solid Mouth 16mm Loose Ring Snaffle is a heavier feel that many horses actually prefer. With normal loose rings, and hollow-mouth bits, sometimes a horse tosses his head and he mouths the bit more, simply because it is light. Some horses appreciate more 'substance' to carry in their mouth, and settle more steadily on a light contact because they have it. The 16mm single-jointed mouthpiece has all the advantages and appeal of a simple bit. It is mild, and the 16mm diameter fits nicely into the mouth of a smaller horse. If how it fits on the bars of the mouth is not a primary concern, the slightly smaller diameter offers a little more control for a horse than a fatter counterpart. The single-jointed mouthpiece works on the tongue and bars of the horse's mouth with a 'nut-cracker' effect. Care must be taken that a horse with a low palette or thick tongue doesn't feel any pressure on the roof of their mouth as the joint hinges. The loose rings offer some 'play' in the bit for the horse. Because the rings slide, the horse enjoys a feeling of freedom and flexibility in the bridle. A horse that may feel 'claustrophobic' with a fixed ring will settle better in a loose ring. Stainless steel construction offers the classic shine of the bit, with no need to polish! The metal is non-corrosive, extremely durable and neutral in taste and odor for the horse.

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