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Korsteel Stainless Steel Mullen Mouth Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

  • $27.99

The Korsteel Mullen Mouth Eggbutt Snaffle has a straight bar mouthpiece. It is another option that is considered mild to moderately mild. The straight bar works on the bars, the tongue and the lips of the horse's mouth. It is considered a milder option. By the rigid construction of the mouthpiece, it allows no movement of the mouthpiece, which may be preferable to some horses. Because there are no jointed pieces, the action of the bit is consistent. As with any bit, the gentler the hands of the rider, the milder the bit for the horse. The mouthpiece is fixed to the bit ring. This further solidifies the feel of the bit for the horse, as the mouthpiece will also not rotate in his mouth. Theoretically, the horse will have more 'room' for his tongue. The bit rings are in the attractive Eggbutt design. This design has tapered, flatter ends, resulting in an oval shape for the rings, as opposed to completely round. The circumference of the stainless steel is rounder in the middle, thus giving the 'Eggbutt' its name. The rings lie flush with the horse's nose, as a result of their build. The stainless steel is non-corrosive, very durable and thus a long-term investment in quality hardware for your horse. It is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and no polishing is required.

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