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Korsteel Stainless Steel Featherweight Dee Ring Snaffle Bit

  • $26.95

The Korsteel Flat Ring Lightweight Dee Snaffle is a single-jointed snaffle designed to lay comfortably against the horse’s nose. It is a very attractive bit and design for both everyday use, and the show ring. The single-jointed mouthpiece has a ‘nut-cracker’ effect on the horse’s mouth. The bit will ‘fold’ at the joint, and when rein pressure is applied, the pressure is felt on the bars of the horse’s mouth and the tongue. The lightweight variation is lovely and effortless for the horse to carry in his mouth. One of the dangers of this mouthpiece can be that the joint ‘bumps’ the palette of the horse. The mouthpiece of a Dee Ring is fixed, preventing both the bit from rotating in the mouth, and from this ‘bumping’ action on the palette. The Dee rings encourage a horse to take a contact on the bit, by it's fixed nature. The straight part of the ‘D’ assists in turning the horse by applying pressure on the horse’s nose. The Flat Ring lays flush with the horse’s muzzle, improving the cosmetic appeal of the rings. The Korsteel Flat Ring Lightweight Dee Snaffle is constructed of stainless steel and is durable and non-corrosive. It is easy to clean and maintain, and the taste is neutral for a horse.

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