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Korsteel Stainless Steel Dr Bristol Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

  • $25.99

The Korsteel Dr Bristol Eggbutt Snaffle is a mild and popular choice of mouthpiece, offering a little more control with the edge of the central link. The 'Dr Bristol' link is a straight-edged rectangle that applies a ridge of pressure to the horse's tongue when the reins are used. This gives the rider more control than other variations of double-jointed mouthpieces. The double-jointed snaffle bits 'drape' across a horse's tongue, and apply even pressure when the reins are used. Because the Korsteel Dr Bristol Eggbutt Snaffle has fixed bit rings, it encourages a horse to 'lean' into the bit and take a feel. This can be a great quality in a bit choice for horses that 'hide' from contact or fluctuate being 'above' and 'behind' the feel consistently. The 'Dr Bristol' link in the center can be the perfect amount of control needed when a horse starts to take a nice contact, but then begins to 'lean' too much, or get heavy. The rings of the Eggbutt are flatter and thinner at the ends, and rounder and wider in circumference in the middle. With the fixed mouthpiece, the rings prevent the bit from rotating, or being pulled through the horse's mouth. The reins will not 'catch' on the outer rings, as can sometimes happen with a D-ring or Full Cheek. The elegant Korsteel Dr Bristol Eggbutt Snaffle is constructed of hand-polished stainless steel. It is non-corrosive and easy to clean and maintain!

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