Korsteel Stainless Steel Copper And Steel Rollers Full Cheek Eggbut Snaffle Bit

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For a sensitive horse that gets anxious and worried, this bit can be a 'heaven-sent' option! The Korsteel Copper and Steel Roller Mouth Eggbutt Snaffle has several attributes that many horses will greatly appreciate! The Copper and Steel Roller mouthpiece can give a nervous horse an outlet for anxiety! The rollers will encourage a horse to move the bit with his tongue, therefore his jaw will not be prone to locking against the bit. The copper element oxidizes in the mouth, encouraging salivation. As the horse salivates, the mouth naturally is much more lubricated, increasing sensitivity and responsiveness. Many horses also love the taste of copper. The basic single-joint hinges like a 'nut-cracker' and acts on the bars of the horse's mouth and the sides of the tongue. Care should be taken when fitting a single-jointed mouthpiece that the horse has plenty of clearance with his palette, that the joint of the mouthpiece will not inadvertently bump him there. The fixed nature of the mouthpiece to the Eggbutt bit rings encourages a horse to take a contact. If your sensitive horse wants to hide behind the bridle, or if he tosses his head constantly, the combination of the mouthpiece with the Eggbutt rings can be terrific. The Eggbutt has the advantage of not having an edge, corner, or bar to 'hook' the reins on, as can sometimes happen with the D-Rings or a Full Cheek. The stainless steel rings and sections of the mouthpiece are non-corrosive and have a beautiful shine.

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