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Korsteel Soft Rubber Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

  • $25.99

Korsteel Rubber Mouth Full Cheek Snaffle bit has a soft rubber mouth for a softer feel. Soft rubber mouth bits can be a good choice for horses who may be bothered by the feeling of a metal bit on their gums or teeth and can provide a cushioned feel for those who like to mouth the bit. Some horses also reject the tast of stainless steel and may prefer the taste and warmth of a rubber mouthpiece. The single jointed mouthpiece works by applying pressure to the bars, lips and sides of the tongue. As pressure is applied to the bit, the center joint collapses forward causing the bit to tighten in the horse's mouth and sometimes to contact the roof of the mouth.The Full Cheek style cheekpiece helps to keep the bit in a stable position in the mouth (when used with bit keepers which is recommended) and is useful as an aid in turning the horse. Rubber mouthpieces are larger and may not be suitable for horses with small mouths or lower palates.

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