Korsteel Hollow Mouth Lightweight 23Mm Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

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The Korsteel Hollow Mouth Lightweight 23mm Eggbutt Snaffle has a very mild action. The extra thickness of the mouthpiece allows the action to be very soft, and the hollow metal makes it light for the horse to carry. The Hollow Mouth Lightweight 23mm mouthpiece is a great bit for everyday schooling, or to ride a young and sensitive horse in, to encourage him to take the contact. It is also a great bit for beginner riders to use, as it has such a mild action that any unintended tugs of the reins will not have as dramatic of an effect. The mouthpiece is a single-jointed snaffle, acting on the bars of the mouth, the lips, and the sides of the tongue. The thickness of this bit is appropriate for a horse that has space enough in his mouth to hold it properly and comfortably. The 19mm option can be a better choice for a horse with a smaller mouth. It is kinder to have a bit that fits comfortably, than a thick one that is too bulky for him to handle. The fixed nature of the Eggbutt snaffle rings to the mouthpiece encourage a horse to take a 'feel' on the bridle. If a horse is unsteady, constantly fluctuating between having contact and not having contact, or if he simply hides behind the vertical, this is a great bit to try! The bit is made from hand-polished, non-corrosive stainless steel.

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