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Kincade Elastic Side Reins

  • $44.99

The Kincade Elastic Side Reins bring quality and durability to your horse's training and schooling. These side reins are crafted from leather with an elastic webbing to give them flexibility. The inclusion of elastic webbing provides these side reins with "give" similar to the way that a rider's hands would give with the reins' motion. This elasticized feel encourages your horse to soften to the reins, leading to a more relaxed and natural position. These Kincade Elastic Side Reins feature strong snaps that you can attach directly to the bit, making the reins' assembly and removal easy and fast. A buckle adjustment toward the reins' midpoint allows you to start with a looser rein and progressively tighten it as your horse's training becomes more advanced. These side reins will create a classic, elegant appearance as you are schooling your horse. They are excellent to use when lunging your horse, and can encourage your horse to travel with his head in a proper position. When correcting the horse's headset to an optimum position, you are improving the efficiency with which your horse can use his body, both on the lunge and eventually under saddle. By encouraging your horse to travel in a good position, he will develop the proper muscling to continue to carry himself in this form, which can help to prevent injuries and lead to a more powerful, athletic ride.

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