Hot Chillys' Women's Peachskins Solid T-Neck

Hot Chillys'SKU: 614996910900

Size: XS
Color: Caribbean
Sale price$50.00


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peaches?! That's right, Hot Chillys isn't all about peppers! Taking its name from the lightly sueded 'peached' finish that leaves wearers feeling soft and pampered, this Hot Chillys PeachSkins thermal provides a good degree of warmth, especially when paired with a solid second layer. This women's lightweight base layer is also excellent at wicking moisture and serve as a smart option for travel. Try this Hot Chillys PeachSkins thermal layer and experience the ultimate in soft, fuzzy comfort.

Features of this women's lightweight thermal:

Turtleneck style for added warmth
Seams set away from shoulder for added comfort
Versatile style for office or casual wear
UPF 30+ protection
Soft, silky hand feel makes it easy to layer over
Antimicrobial treatment to inhibit bacteria growth
100% Microfiber Polyester makes it light for layering
Moisture transfer fibers to move moisture away from skin

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