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Horze Wrist Magnet for Horseshoe Nails

  • $42.99

This fantastic tool is not only for farriers but for anyone who does crafts, builds, sews even hangs an occasional picture. Comfortable and breathable, the Wrist Magnet eliminates the need to hold nails, screws, and pins in your mouth or pocket. Simply slip this elastic band around your wrist and secure with the durable Velcro strap. Add your nails, pins or anything metal you need for your project and you are ready to go. This is a powerful wrist magnet but don’t worry you will not walk by your toolbox and have your hammers and screwdrivers fly out and stick to you! Never Drop a Small Screw, Nut, or Pin Again!


Elastic wrist band
Secures with a Velcro strap
Comfortable and breathable wrist band
Adjustable Velcro strap fits all wrists
Three powerful magnets