Horze Rubber Donut Reins

HorzeSKU: 6438076388113

Size: Pony
Color: Black
Sale price$52.99


Donut reins are a great training tool for high head carriage.

This popular training aid lets the rider apply direct rein pressure to help the horse maintain light contact with the bit while moving freely in the bridle. Especially effective on horses with high head carriage, or tightness in the back muscles, the sliding effect of these leather reins at the bit ring produces a steady contact and a calmer, rounder, more relaxed horse.


High quality leather
Creates balance between the rider and bit
Sliding effect of the rein at bit ring produces steady contact
Effective on horses with high head carriage or tightness in the back muscles
Rubber donuts allow for easy handling and adjusting
Adjust different positions according to the horses level of training
Snap on end buckles for ease

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