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Horze Norze Heel Lift Insert

  • $22.99

Pain free riding with these inserts.

Tall boots sit right under your knee, but when you first purchase the boots, the top usually needs to be a bit higher. As the leather stretches and settles, it will slide below the knee but you don't want boots too short. Because of this height difference, the top is likely to rub or dig into the back of your knee at first. You can counteract this problem by adding small heel lifts inside the boot. This helps hold your leg higher while you break in the boot. Once the leather settles, take the heel lifts out and wear the boots normally. This ingenious little item also helps those with painful foot problems. Try these heel lifts to alleviate the pain! Technical Description 3.7 in rear height


Horze Heel Lift Insert
Add into new boots to help hold leg higher during break in process
Eliminates boots from falling to short
Aids in maintaining a comfortable fitting boot
Helps with painful foot problems
Slopes down even out with innersole

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