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Horze Eco Hoof Rasp

  • $32.99

The Save Edge Final Touch is a premium-finishing rasp. The specially designed teeth produce a show quality finish that is as smooth as glass. The sharpness and longevity allows the farrier to achieve desired results in fewer strokes. Save Edge means sharp and reliable, with lasting performance. This is the opinion of file users throughout the world. Since 1976, Save Edge has been giving files the edge professional craftsmen demand.

Technical Description

For oil and grease use chalk and a file card. For metal shavings tap the file lightly or use a file card or a sharp metal blade. A natural bristle brush is the best way to clean a laminate file. For wood use boiling water and a file card (oil the file after cleaning)Files are cutting tools with sharp edges, and should be stored in a dry place away from other tools to avoid tooth breakage. A block of wood with holes on the wall is a good safe place for files.


Specially designed teeth produce a smooth finish
Superior results in wet or dry conditions
The choice of professionals since 1976