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Dublin Adults Everyday Splendex Riding Gloves

  • $29.99

The Dublin Everyday Splendex Riding Gloves are sleek and form-fitting, considered a great show glove. They are also a long-lasting leather glove that is versatile and rugged, as well as elegant and classy. The sheen on the finish of the soft goatskin leather that these gloves are made out of matches to the sheen of a well-polished riding boot. This balance is a very attractive turn-out for the show ring. Tanned leather from goatskin is not only very soft, but it is considered a very durable leather as well. The lining of these Everyday Splendex Riding Gloves by Dublin has nylon between the fingers, for flexibility while wearing them, and stretch. These are have a very comfortable design. The outside of the gloves is plain, celebrating the high quality of the leather itself. There are two elasticized strips on the back of the hand, one at the wrist, and another parallel, on the back of the hand near the wrist. These gather to make a great fit on the hand, as well as the fingers.