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Back on Track Mesh Blanket

  • $248.99

Helps increase the blood circulation and helps your horse's muscles recover, stay looser and become less inflamed.

During the summer months this is the perfect multifunctional blanket because of its optimal breathable qualities, thanks to the sturdy and very airy mesh that covers a layer of thin ceramic fabric and offers full protection. It may be used as an extra layer underneath, as a transport blanket, as a cooler and in the stall during the warmer months. It may be used to great advantage prior to exercise or competition in order to warm up the muscles as well as following a workout to help the muscles recover and recuperate. By using the whole sheet you may achieve the Back on Track healing effect on chest, back, quarter and loin muscles. The sheet has a lining of polypropylene fabric infused with Welltex™. On the exterior, the sheet has a thin mesh layer for maximum breathable qualities.


Therapeutic lightweight sheet
Aids in muscle warmup or cool down
Increases blood circulation
Relaxes nervous, tense horses
Reduces inflammation and swelling
Speeds recovery between workouts
Reduces lactic acid in sore muscles
Double front buckles
Low cross surcingles
Tail flap with strap
Reinforced neck opening with fleece

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