Kerrits knows the importance of riding clothes that fit well, work as hard as we do, and boost our confidence in and out of the saddle.

Seeds of Innovation
Kerrits grew from the humble seeds of one woman’s quest for women’s athletic apparel that truly fit and flattered. In 1986, windsurfer Kerri Kent was so frustrated by ill-fitting bathing suits that she bought $50 worth of fabric from the Jantzen outlet store and began making them herself. Kerrits Activewear was born. She went from selling suits from her gear bag on the Hood River beach to a retail store she opened with Michele McAlpine. The suits garnered national attention and the eye of an equestrian company CEO, who asked Kent to design a line for women who shared her other passion—horses. With simple packs of carrots seeds as hangtags, Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel took root.
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Technical Shirts
As riders, we know that confidence is a powerful thing. That’s why our high performance, durable clothes are also beautiful and flattering. We incorporate decades of design and fit experience with rich colors and fun prints to create apparel women feel great wearing. We hope it inspires confidence in the saddle and out, making the time you spend with horses even more special.