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Equisafety Reflective Mercury Dog Coat

  • $35.99

The Equisafety Reflective Mercury Hi Viz Dog Coat is made using a waterproof, hard wearing, hi-visible reflective mercury fabric, the rug is excellent for dogs who enjoy running through bushes and brambles as it is strong and durable. This dog coat is waterproof and when light hits shines on the coat, it bounces the light back at the source becoming a bright white. It is also lined with a warm, cozy, quilted lining. Equisafety has designed the rug so it keeps the dog’s chest dry and mud free, adjustable around the neck using comfortable elastic with a body band that is adjustable around the tummy. 1” fluorescent tape at the sides and a small pocket for 'poo' bags or treats!

Please refer to the size guide for how to measure your dog

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