Walsh for One Stop Americano Halter and Lead

A few months ago, I decided to do a photo shoot with my horse, Bentley. I’m not using the photos for anything really, just to look back on them one day and remember my “once in a lifetime” horse. Anyways, in the months leading up to the shoot, I had several things to check off my “to do” list; i.e. figure out what to wear, clean my tack, and get a show halter and lead. Lucky for me, One Stop Equine Shop teamed up with Walsh to come up with the Walsh for One Stop Americano Halter and Lead. It was a no brainer that I would be using this beautiful halter and lead set in my pictures! Fast forward to now, the pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined (hint: my author pic is from the shoot) and I use this set every time I am out at the barn now.  

When I was looking for a halter to use in my photos, I wanted something that had a classic look. No extra silver and bling for me! That’s what made the Walsh for One Stop Americano Halter a great fit. It was flattering on Bentley and had such a timeless look to it without all the extra flair. I just love the way the Havana leather and brass combo go with her sorrel coat!   

One Stop based this design off the Walsh Heritage Halter, but made some exclusive changes to make it their own. For instance, the white stitching makes it a more pronounced design and the single layer nose piece allows it to lay flat over the bridge of the horse’s nose.   

Getting the matching lead was an obvious decision for me. Matching leather, metal and white stitching, who wouldn’t? What I love about this lead is the length of both the lead itself and the chain. 6’ is the perfect length for a lead in my opinion; easy to roll up, hold, doesn’t drag, and can lay over my horse’s withers when resting.

The chain length is nice because I can put it over her nose or under her chin and up the side with just the right amount of chain leftover to work with. I use this set after I’m done riding Bentley to practice showmanship with. As I’m walking her into the ring, I have the chain looped through the bottom ring of the halter to let her know that we aren’t in “showmanship mode” yet. (She knows once I put it under her chin, it’s time to work). Here again the chain length is great, because it’s not obnoxiously long while looped.

Check out the Walsh for One Stop Americano Halter and Lead!

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