The Perfect Cozy Combo

Only 48 more days until Spring is officially here! Until then, you’ll find me doing exactly what I’m doing in the picture above. Well besides trips to the barn, but THAT’S IT! That being said, I’ve stocked up on my cozy gear. The items I chose to complete this comfy look are the Hot Chilly’s Women’s Sweater Knit Zip TPajar Cabin Socks, and Denali Horse Flight blanket.  

My initial thoughts about the Hot Chilly’s Women’s Sweater Knit Zip T were that 1) it was so soft and 2) really flattering. I’m not huge into prints, but the white and grey snowflaky design is actually really cute when you put the top on. It gives it some necessary flair and adds to the flattering fit. Some of the sweater’s features include:

The zippered turtleneck collar is great for moderating airflow if you’re a little too warm. I’m always cold so I layered this sweater with a short sleeve base layer and was able to leave it unzipped. But the option to keep it zipped all the way up is perfect for whenever you need to venture outside. It runs true to size; I’m wearing a size medium. The fit is comfy, loose fitting while still having shape to it. I could’ve sized down to a small for a more fitted look, but I am more than pleased with the medium. This sweater matches with the Hot Chilly’s Women’s Sweater Knit Printed Legging, instead I ended up pairing it with the Goode Rider Bodysculpting Seamless Tights Knee Patch since I already had them from a previous review (and absolutely love them).

Next up, the most comfortable socks you have ever put on your feet in your life, the Pajar Cabin Socks. If you do not have a pair of these, GET THEM NOW!
I’m not sure what soft magic Pajar made these with, they claim a super soft polyester/elastane mix, but I’m convinced there’s a touch of cloud and heaven in them. I took pictures for this review 3 days ago and every time I come home from work, I put them on. Don’t worry I’ve washed them, and by the way they still fit the same. They did not shrink, nor did they lose any softness. As I mentioned above, I am always cold, my feet being the worst. They feel like icicles (just ask my husband), but not anymore while wearing these! These socks go up to mid-calf and have ribbed cuffs, so they won’t fall down.

I paired them with the Hot Chilly’s sweater because they had a similar print to them, to tie the “snowflake” theme together. Also, I really just wanted to be snug from head to toe. I’m wearing the Charcoal/Dusty Rose color and it’s only available in one size.

Finally, for that last layer of complete coziness, I added a Denali Horse Flight blanket to the mix. One of the cool things about these blankets is they are actually TWO blankets hand-sewn together as one. This is neat because it has two sides, most have a printed side and a black side, and it helps keep the blanket durable for years to come. It makes for a great outdoor blanket as it does an indoor one. Bonfires your thing? This blanket is perfect for hanging out by the fire and roasting marshmallows. Other features are:

Just like I thought the Pajar socks had some cloud-like fibers in them, the Denali description actually reads, “Our super-soft micro plush fabric is like wrapping yourself with a cloud.” When I tell you that this is the coziest review ever, I mean it! The blanket shown is the Horse Flight design. I chose this one specifically because I wanted to incorporate horses and it matches my grey couch. There are several different designs that are all made with true colors, meaning they are dyed onto the fabric so they will not bleed or dull over time. Denali is so confident in their blankets, that they offer a lifetime warranty. For any normal wear and tear they will repair or replace the blanket for as long as you own it.

If you’re due for a Netflix binge or a movie marathon, you need this “cozy kit.” Husbands, boyfriends, significant others I’m talking to you! Get your special someone this perfect comfy combo. These items make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift *hint hint*. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram as we will be gifting our customers with a special Valentine’s Day promo soon!

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