Starting this week, September 11th, the 8th FEI World Equestrian Games will be held at Tryon International Equestrian Center in Mill Spring, NC. WEG is anticipated to be the “highest attended sporting event in the U.S. in 2018 and fourth in the world following the Winter Olympic Games, World Cup, and Tour de France.”[1] That being said, One Stop Equine Shop will be setting up a pop-up-shop there fully stocked with Shires Equestrian products and Champion riding helmets! There will be a wide variety of products for you AND for your horse. To get ready for this event, I tried out a few products that we will be carrying in the booth; Shires ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots, Aubrion Maywood Long Sleeve Base Layer and the Ladies Performance Camden Breech.

The Shires ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots are a part of their new air motion fabric line. This mesh, high performance fabric has a 3D honeycomb structure designed to draw moisture and heat away from the skin to keep legs cool and help circulate air. They have created several products with this new air motion fabric including the Air Motion Safe Jumping Pad, All Purpose Pad, and XC brushing boots (which will all be for sale at our WEG booth).    


Shires sponsored rider, Emily BeShear, had this to say about the Air Motion line of products,"We've been very happy with both the Air Motion pads and boots. They're super for this time of year. I love the breathability and haven't had any horses become sensitive to the fabric. I've had quite a bit of positive feedback from others as well."  

The point of brushing boots, AKA splint boots, is to protect your horse’s legs during riding, lunging, turnout, etc. from their legs rubbing together or getting clipped from their hooves. If a horse has a long stride, it is possible for a rear hoof to reach up and nick their fetlock or if a horse missteps there is a possibility to strike the opposite leg. These ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots are perfect for preventing any of these issues from occurring. They provide coverage from right below the knee to over the fetlock and have tough strike resistant pads. 

I use these boots every time I exercise my horse now; I love them so much! They are lightweight and keep Bentley’s legs dry, even after intense lunging sessions. She has some heavy-duty front shoes so these are perfect for keeping her legs protected if she happens to clip herself. It doesn’t matter if I’m riding or lunging Bentley, they stay put in position on her legs. At only $24.99 these ARMA boots are super affordable AND offer all the leg protection your horse needs. The Shires ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots will be available in black/black, black/teal(pictured), and black/plum at our WEG booth. The sizes are small pony, pony, cob, and full. Bentley is a Quarter Horse and about 15HH so I went with the cob size which fit great with plenty of room for adjustment bigger or smaller.  

I couldn’t let Bentley be the only one to try out some new product! I had to get myself an outfit too; I went with the Shires Aubrion Maywood Long Sleeve Base Layer and the Ladies Performance Camden Breech. This was a perfect pick as it has started to cool off in Chicago and we are stuck in “it’s too warm for a jacket, but too chilly for a short sleeve shirt” limbo. The Aubrion Maywood Long Sleeve Base Layer is super comfy, the soft fabric is stretchy and figure flattering. Obviously the longer the ride, the more worked up your body gets, and therefore you start to sweat(duh). At the end of my ride, I was sweating through the shirt a little bit. Fifteen minutes later, I could not even tell that I had been sweating! The shirt dried quickly due to the ¼ zip for more ventilation and the performance fabric its made of. The orange color of this shirt pleasantly surprised me; it’s not as vibrant and in your face like most orange clothing can be. It’s called “burnt orange” which reminds me of changing leaves, pumpkins, bonfires, etc. basically everything fall thus being the perfect color for their fall line!

The Aubrion Maywood Long Sleeve Base Layer is currently available for $49.99 in burnt orange(pictured), charcoal, and spot print in sizes XXS-XXL. I’m 5’7” 140 lbs and wearing a size Medium.

I paired this shirt with the Ladies Performance Camden Breech. Together, they make a really cute outfit! The matching orange on the stretch ankle cuff went perfectly with the burnt orange color of the shirt. These breeches are made from high performing fabrics to ensure comfort in the saddle whether it’s training or for sport. Made with a self-fabric contour seat and clarino silicone gel knee patches, these breeches will help you stay in the saddle no matter what! They’re stretchy with plenty of give, enough to mount from the ground and sit in the saddle without having any tight areas.  

The Shires Ladies Performance Camden Breeches come in Black, Navy, and Gray offered in sizes 24"-34" for $79.99. I am wearing a size 28. Look for these great Shires products and more at our World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018 booth!

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