Professional's Choice Alpaca Cinch Review

After I reviewed the Collegiate English tack earlier this year, I knew I needed to step up my western tack game. And when I’m in need of exceptional western tack, Professional’s Choice is my go-to. I can always rely on their products to be durable, high-quality and look appealing. That being said, I had been wanting to replace my western cinch with a mohair one for a while now; that review just gave me a push in the right direction. After doing some research, I ended up going with the PC Alpaca Cinch    

What is the difference between mohair and alpaca?

Below is what I have compiled from reading various blogs and forums.   

So not TOO much of a difference. Alpaca seems to be the latest and greatest in the horse industry, from what I’ve gathered. People claim that it is much softer, and they love the hypoallergenic propertiesof it. Meaning it’s great for horses with sensitive skin, thus you don’t have to worry about rubbing or any irritation from it. Bentley doesn’t necessarily have sensitive skin, but her favorite spots for me to scratch are right where the girth lays so it doesn’t hurt to offer some extra comfort there! When I first got the cinch, I immediately noticed how soft it was. It’s actually pretty amazing how something so soft and lightweight can be extremely durable. Since it is made of 100% Alpaca fiber, it is naturally elastic allowing for it to stretch with your horse’s body. It “breathes” when your horse breathes. Along with its natural elasticity, it is water resistant allowing it to wick moisture away from your horse. From western pleasure to trail riding to ranching, this cinch is made to keep up with any kind of western riding all the while keeping your horse comfortable.  

I moved to a new barn back at the beginning of May and noticed the footing is a little deeper, as well as the arena can get quite humid too. My point is: Bentley sweats a little bit more, but she’s not hurting in the weight department so that’s perfectly fine with me! After riding with this cinch for 40 minutes though, when I untacked her, she did not have any sweat marks just those cinch imprint marks that went away after brushing. This cinch kept my saddle in place while I rode, so no worries about slippage or tilting (But PLEASE remember to double check your cinch before you get on every time.) I love the billet keeper on the right side, tucks right in for a neat, polished look. Bentley is a typical quarter horse with a barrel chest and deep girth, standing at about 15 hh so I chose a size 32” for her, which fit perfectly with plenty of give.  

The PC Alpaca Cinch is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a six-month warranty. They stand by their products and I can definitely respect that. PC used stainless steel hardware to allow for a lifetime of rust-free use. Since alpaca fiber is moisture wicking it will not absorb any odors, but they do recommend washing in cool water with a mild soap every so often to keep it clean. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry. Easy enough!   It is available in 2” increments from 24” to 36” To view the Professional's Choice Alpaca cinch on our website, click here.

Product reviewRiding style: western