Product Review: Dublin Winter Riding Outfit

About a month ago, One Stop went to Equine Affaire Massachusetts. Our team had a lovely time and the three booths that we had there were a huge hit with all the attendees! We had only had two booths there in the past so to add another space, that was triple the size of our other two booths, was very exciting for us. It gave us the opportunity to bring a wider variety of products and showcase more of the lines for the different brands we carry; Dublin Equestrian being one of them. The Dublin outfit that I wore there was so cute (and functional) I just had to share with you guys! 

Starting from head-to-toe, I’ll begin with the Dublin Ladies Paridot Vest. This vest is a great everyday piece to wear either out to the barn or to run errands around town. The detail in this vest is second to none; the contrast shiny front and back along with the different sized front and side panels make it more fashionable. The smaller side panels give the vest a more contoured look that slightly accentuates your natural waist. I haven’t ridden in it yet, but there’s rear riding vents with snaps to help you sit comfortably in the saddle. 

It’s a great layering piece, I had the Dublin Ladies Moonstone Long Sleeve Technical Top and a base layer underneath. My favorite part of the vest is the oversized collar; it zips up to keep your entire neck covered making you feel extra cozy! I stayed pretty warm (and I get cold very easily) inside the extremely large, concrete expo building the whole day.

Next, the Dublin Ladies Moonstone Long Sleeve Technical Top. Since Equine Affaire was in a huge building and I know how cold I usually get, I did end up wearing a base layer under this as well like I mentioned above BUT I have since worn this shirt with nothing underneath and stayed comfortable temperature wise. This is because of Dublin’s Heat-Lite technical fabric. What is Heat-Lite fabric? According to the shirt tag:

“It is designed to deliver greater warmth without added bulk. This 4-way stretch fabric helps flatter your form without restricting any movement or weighing you down. Warm. Lightweight. Comfortable. Quick to dry.”

Sometimes with these technical fabrics you lose the breathability, but no worries of that because the mesh underarm panels provide additional ventilation. If that’s not enough for you, the ¼ zip helps with keeping you at your perfect temperature. The waffle-type technical fabric is also very soft on your skin. I often wear this shirt while we are working at our warehouse because I know it will keep me warm, but I won’t get overheated or sweaty AND I’ll stay comfy all day long in it.


I paired these tops with the Dublin Performance Thermal Active Tights. This winter tight is perfect for keeping you snug no matter what you’re doing, in the saddle or not. It features a unique gel full seat design that provides optimum grip and improved stability in the saddle. Sometimes wearing gel full seat tights can get a bit annoying if you’re not riding because you stick to whatever you’re sitting on or your thighs stick together. However, Dublin has mastered just the right amount of “stick” for their silicone print, not overly sticky to be an inconvenience but sticky enough to help me stay put while I’m riding. A couple more features include side pockets that perfectly fit a cellphone, some horse treats, etc. and a contrast knit panel along the thigh for more flexibility.

Lastly, I wore Dublin Ladies Evolution Zip Front Paddock Boots to finish out the ensemble. Some of the features include:  

Let’s breakdown what you’re seeing in the diagram above for the Rider Comfort System, RCS. Starting with the footbed:  

It’s tough to wear new paddock boots, or any new boot for that matter, to these shows where you’re standing on concrete all day long. But because of this RCS footbed, the bottoms of my feet were feeling pretty good by the end of the day. The enhanced cushioning really helped me out.

Now for the sole: 

Dublin put careful time and consideration into this Rider Comfort System and you can tell once you wear their paddock boots. Another feature that improves the comfort of this boot is the molded side wall for extra ankle support and protection. Not only is this boot technically great, but it’s also boasts classic appeal with the smooth full-grain leather and leather branded pull up. 

Some additions to any Dublin outfit would be the Dublin Gem Elastic Belt and the Dublin Evolution Side Zip Half Chaps. The best thing about this belt is one size fits most and you can determine the best fit for YOU since you can put the prong anywhere along the elastic. It has so much stretch, so you don’t feel constricted. Also, the contrasting colors and leather details are a perfect way to finish off your riding outfit. 

As for the Dublin Evolution Side Zip Half Chaps, these are great to have for competition or to school in. They pair perfectly with the Dublin Evolution Zip Front Paddock Boots, featuring the same soft full grain European leather. I love these half chaps because they give your outfit a more polished look with the high-quality leather, YKK side zip and the c, comfortable fit from the elasticated leather calf.

I am 5’7” and 140 lbs; the following are the sizes I wear:

Dublin Ladies Paridot Vest- Medium. Available in Navy and sizes XS-XXL, check it out here. 

Dublin Ladies Moonstone Long Sleeve Technical Top- Medium. Get this top in navy, pink, plum or black in sizes XS-XXL here. 

Dublin Performance Thermal Active Tights- 10. Get these tights here in black, iron, navy or plum sizes 8-18(26"-36" waist).

Dublin Ladies Evolution Zip Front Paddock Boots- 7.5. Available here in black or brown and sizes 6-10.

Dublin Gem Elastic Belt- One Size. Available in colors Black/Plum and Navy/Mint here. 

Dublin Evolution Side Zip Half Chaps- Medium. Sizes range from XS-XL regular and tall, black or brown here.

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