Even though Winter has come to an end, we don’t really stop wearing our winter riding outfits until mid-Spring. Well, at least I don’t since I live in cold ole’ Illinois! I figured I would get one last winter review out and then onto SPRING! My outfit of choice: Ovation Ladies Equinox Quarter Zip Shirt and Ovation Ladies Equinox 3-Season Knee Patch Pull-On Breech.  

Let’s break down the technology that goes into the fabric for both of these products. Both are made with Equinox, a knit mid-weight polyester spandex, paired with Velvetex, a plush, soft brushed inside lining. This combo allows you to stay warm while riding, but not too warm since it is a medium weight fabric and a light layer of brushing. It is absolutely perfect for this time, transitioning between the seasons! Also, the spandex gives you that supportive fit while the QuadFlex technology provides 4-way stretch and holds the shape of the piece. So even though spandex might lead you to think compression or super tight, the 4-way stretch counterbalances it giving you a fitted, functional look. On the outside of the top and breech, there is WindShield: a smooth, breeze resistant surface that retains warmth while wicking moisture away. This is also paired with FreshLock, an odor resistant and antimicrobial material, and PrimaUV, UPF 30 protections against 96% of UVA.  

Alright, all the specs are out of the way. Starting with the Ovation Ladies Equinox Quarter Zip Shirt, the things I loved about it:

The inside of the shirt was very soft, due to the Velvetex mentioned above. I still wore a base layer underneath because although it is Spring, it is very cold here. But in my opinion, that is a plus to me; it can be worn by itself or over a shirt. Another feature I like about this shirt are the thumbholes. Having thumbholes on a shirt makes me want to just snuggle up. I’m not sure why, but it makes me feel cozy. Other than my own personal reason, they are very functional by keeping the backs of your hands covered or I also like to put my gloves over the shirt to create a “seal” from the cold. Speaking of cozy and staying warm, the quarter zip feature is great for just that! You can zip it up to hold in more body heat or unzip to get some airflow, whatever your preference is.

Lastly, the contrast stitching gives the shirt a contoured, flattering look. Even though it was flattering, the fit was a little off for me. I think I am in between a small and a medium, as the M was a bit too loose for me at the bottom of the shirt, but fit me perfectly through the chest, shoulders, and arms. You better believe I am still utilizing this shirt for my cold weather rides because it definitely kept me warm and THAT is way more important that it being partially a little big. 

Moving on to the Ovation Ladies Equinox 3-Season Knee Patch Pull-On Breech. Things I loved about this breech: 

I always look for pants that are mid or high rise, as I feel like low rise might be a thing of the past…or at least for me it is. Since it is a mid-rise fit (right below your belly button), you get a little extra tummy support and don’t have to worry about bending over and have anything coming un-tucked or exposed. They have a 1 ½” waistband with belt loops; pair these breeches with the Ovation Ladies Braided Stretch Belt to complete the look. They are considered breeches, but fit more like a tight, which is a plus for me! I like the stretchiness,

less structured feel of a tight and that’s exactly what these feel like. These breeches are very flattering, smoothing out your legs and hugging in all the right places! There is shaped spandex at the ankle, making it easier to tuck under socks, half chaps, or tall boots. The Grip-Tec silicone for the knee patch is the perfect balance of stickiness and adds some character to the breech with a whimsical horseshoe pattern.

The Ovation Ladies Equinox Quarter Zip Shirt is available in sizes S-XXL and black with blue, wine, or steel grey stitching. I am wearing a size Medium and black with blue. View it on our website here. 

The Ovation Ladies Equinox 3-Season Knee Patch Pull-On Breech is available in sizes S-XXL and colors black, wine, and steel grey. Here’s the size breakdown: S (26), M (28), L (30), XL (32), XXL (34). My waist is size 28, so I went with a Medium and wine. Check it out here. 

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