One Stop Equine Shop Duluth Pack Medium Market Tote
“Carry everything you need in style with our Duluth Pack Medium Market Tote. This is one amazing tote.” One Stop teamed up with Duluth to bring you guys this awesome tote! I had to quote the description of the bag, because I couldn’t have said it any better. Ever since I got this bag, two months ago, it has made every single barn trip with me and I’ve taken it downtown to work with me a few times too. If you’ve kept up with my product reviews on our blog, you should know by now that I am OBSESSED with versatile pieces. I want to get my money’s worth by using things for all areas of my life not just the barn (which is much of my life, but still...). The features I love about this Market Tote:    
This will be your go-to bag for all your needs. Like I mentioned above, I’ve used it every time I’ve gone to the barn. Throw my helmet, water bottle, apples/carrots, half chaps, you name it I’ll throw it in there. Plus, I don’t have to worry about my valuable items getting tossed around in it because of the zipped smaller pocket. It’s great to store your phone, keys, wallet, etc. For extra protection, there are 4 snaps on every side of the bag so you can secure it across or snap all sides together.
It’s made of durable, canvas material and reinforced leather straps so you can rely on this carry-all bag to last for a long time. The adjustable leather straps are not only functional, but also give the bag a unique look. It’s all about preference, I like my straps to be on the 3rd hole from the bottom giving it a nice in-between strap length, but there are holes spaced along the entire strap, so the length variations are endless! Another unique feature of this bag is the embossed leather One Stop Equine Shop logo. We understand that you don’t want some super gaudy logo to be the first and only thing that people notice! It gives the Market tote a nice classy touch. Get your Duluth Pack Medium Market Tote here.  
One Stop also has the One Stop Equine Shop Duluth Pack Large Grab-N-Go to complete your bag collection! This Grab-N-Go bag is perfect for all your traveling needs. It is made of the same durable 15 oz canvas material, features a YKK zipper, nylon grab handles and also sports the embossed One Stop logo. You can check out this bag.
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