One K Defender Rose Gold Stripe Helmet Review

We are 3 and a half months into 2019, so I think it is still acceptable to preach NEW YEAR, NEW HABITS! One of my new habits is wearing a helmet while I ride. Yes, I know, I should’ve been wearing one all along, but I ride Western and it was never engrained in my head to wear a helmet. I wanted something that had a classic design, wasn’t too flashy, and most importantly safe. This is how I came to the One K Defender Rose Gold Stripe Riding Helmet. Plus, rose gold is so trendy right now and one of my faves (I mean my wedding colors last year were Burgundy and Rose Gold. It was a no-brainer!). First things first, here are some of its features:    

Since I am not used to wearing a helmet, I really needed something that was going to be “easy” to wear. The first signs of anything noticeably annoying (tilting, rubbing, etc.) I would’ve been OUT. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was to wear the One K Defender Rose Gold Stripe Riding Helmet. AND most importantly it didn’t give me a headache! It was very easy to adjust for a better fit and the suede lined straps provided comfort while still being durable. Once adjusted, this helmet did not move at all while I was riding, not in a rigid uncomfortable way but in a perfectly hugged my head way. It never tilted to the side or tipped forward blocking my view; it stayed right in place. The Fastex buckle allows for it to stay securely fastened but also able to be quickly released if need be. There is Velcro to hold the excess strap after adjustment.  

This helmet has multiple features that allow for your head to stay cool and comfortable including lightweight inserts and stainless-steel mesh vents. These washable inserts are moisture wicking, so you won’t feel sweaty during your ride. Also, since they are anti-microbial no need to worry about any odor or discomfort between washes. When you are ready to wash or need to take the inserts out for any reason, they unsnap and snap back into place very easily. Along with the moisture wicking inserts, it has two side, two front, one back, and two center stripe vents for optimal ventilation. Although the vents’ main function is for airflow, they also add some eye appeal by giving the helmet a sleek, cool look. As mentioned above, it was a no brainer for me to go with the rose gold stripe. I think that rose gold is a fashionable yet classy touch to this matte black (or brown) helmet. It’s not too gaudy or shiny, One K added it to one of their most popular styles very tastefully. You’ll look sophisticated in the show ring and make you feel a little fancy shmancy!  

The One K Defender Rose Gold Stripe Riding Helmet is available in sizes XS-XXL, black or brown matte, and Regular or Oval. I measured my head and determined that I was a size Medium, 55-56 cm. To measure for the perfect fit, place measuring tape at the widest part, which is right above your eyebrows, then meet at the “bump” at the back of your head. Refer to the chart below for your size.  

After you have determined what size you need, you can buy this helmet here. 

P.S. Be on the lookout for my next product review on my Ovation outfit I'm wearing!

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