A couple weeks ago, the One Stop team traveled to Denver for the Western Summit and WESA to gain some marketing knowledge as well as see all our wonderful vendors! It was a great time listening to the speakers and their individual success stories, including Dan Costa from Noble Outfitters.

Dan started out in the food industry, opening several restaurants before eventually creating Noble Outfitters. The main point he was hitting on is that no matter what industry you’re in, listening to what the people want is #1 for being successful. Makes sense, right? Well within the last couple years Noble has added western boots to their line, with that ideology in mind. They came up with a boot that was light, durable AND *drumroll* comfortable to wear all day. Coincidentally, I was wearing my brand new pair of Noble Women’s All Around Square Toe boots and I can confirm 100% that they truly are comfortable to wear all day.   

While we were at the WESA tradeshow, we walked from 9am-6pm, and I was in these boots 3 of the 5 days. To say I was hesitant to wear new boots for a full day of walking, would be an understatement. I was terrified! (Dramatic I know, but seriously though..) I’ve done it in the past and ended up with awful blisters after a total of 4 hours and hobbled around the rest of the day after that. Not with these square toe boots. No blisters, no aching feet, and no hobbling! It was pleasantly surprising.  

There are several factors to this boot that allow for optimum comfort, the Physio outsole, Ortholite insole, and the steel shank. So, what’s up with this Physio outsole deal? It’s a polyurethane compound that makes the boot super lightweight and contributes to the high level of cushioning. Next up, the Ortholite performance foam top layer is already molded to fit your foot, giving the boot that already “broken in” feeling. This layer is also extremely breathable, my feet never overheated like sometimes you can get with boots. Other benefits are its moisture wicking and fungus fighting, which will come in handy for summertime riding. Finally, the steel shank in between the insole and outsole gives you that added stability and arch support. Some other features:   

These western boots have moved up into the top spot for my “go to” boot. Now what I’m left with is do I use them for barn boots or dress boots? Might just have to get two pairs.

Shop our latest Noble Outfitter Collection here. Looking for other western boots we carry? Check them out here!

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