Mountain Horse Devonshire Short Boot

Searching for the PERFECT winter boot? Well I have found it! The Mountain Horse Devonshire Short Boot is great for the cold and wet winter. It is both stylish and functional. I was able to wear it to the barn after a long rainy day then turn around and wear them downtown Chicago in the snow. Mountain Horse did not leave anything out when creating this boot!

Some features include:

The Devonshire Short Boot’s completely waterproof design will keep your feet dry during the wettest conditions. You can wear these to walk the cross-country course and not have to worry about changing your socks afterwards. I most appreciated these when I was walking through the puddles to bring my horse in! I love the shorter height of this boot; they did not feel as bulky as a taller one does. They also worked great for walking through the slush in Chicago and were comfortable enough to walk from the train to our office, about a third of a mile. They did not rub or feel loose at all.  

So what’s the deal with this ShockX insole? According to Mountain Horse’s website:

ShockX™ Advanced is the 2nd generation ShockX™ insole system based on the original highly accredited ShockX™ concept. The ShockX™ Advanced uses a solid core base consisting of high-performance polyurethane material. The ShockX™ Advanced also uses different elevation levels to disperse weight distribution more evenly.”  

In short, the ShockX insole is super comfy on your foot and absorbs shock, being extra cushiony. Like I said above, I wore them all day downtown and did NOT feel uncomfortable at all which is definitely due to this advanced inner sole. 

I just love the look of these boots. Mountain Horse is known for making such versatile products. For my barn outfit, I paired them with a long sleeve shirt, puffy vest, and jean breeches. Used them to walk through the field, clean stalls, and get my horse tacked/untacked. For downtown, I paired them with a turtle-neck sweater, cream vest, and jeggings. Wa-la! Barn Chores to Downtown Chic! 

Get the Mountain Horse Devonshire Short Boot for $229.95 while you can

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