Kerrits Griptek II Fullseat Breech Product Review

It’s officially two weeks until the Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event(LRK3DE) and I don’t know about anyone else, but I am beyond excited!! I love going there to work our booth, meet a bunch of people and watch all the events. The talent and athleticism of the competitors just amazes me. Regardless what event you’re watching, you’ll notice that these riders have excellent balance, security, and strength in the saddle. Most of it has to do with the rider but riding in a great breech is always helpful too! That’s where the Kerrits Griptek II Fullseat Breech comes in handy. This breech is a must-have for any eventing rider, or anyone with a hot horse, or any gutsy rider, or anyone getting on a young horse, or…well you get the point! It’s made for anyone who wants to be “tight in the tack.”  

Since mother nature is confused and it’s still cold in April, my horse is having a hard time adjusting to when it's somewhat warm outside and we can ride in the outdoor arena. She’s a mare. I know, explains it all right there! You can imagine how that initial ride outside went; spooking at leaves blowing in the wind and the train going by in the distance. I really appreciated the help that these breeches gave me in the saddle. The super-secure Griptek fullseat panels helped me stay on during her dramatic moments while the Dynamic Extreme stretchy fabric allowed me to be comfortable at the same time. Some other features include:  

Beyond all the above features, I like the look of this breech. The different texture of the Griptek fullseat panels combined with the two-tone color design gives it a cool, sporty vibe. The hidden zip closure with the easy on/off snaps also adds to the breech, giving it a more polished look. I’m 5’7” with a size 28” waist and the size medium fit perfectly with a belt. The color that is pictured is Storm, a subtle greyish blue. To view all sizes and colors of the Kerrits Griptek II Fullseat Breech click here.

Just a sidenote, all Kerrits breeches and tights come with a a packet of carrot seeds that you can plant so you have an endless supply of treats for your horse! Trust me, your horse will thank you.

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