Dublin Long-Sleeve Tina Show Shirt

As the summer continues, I have been reaching for anything and everything that has some sort of “moisture wicking” and “stay cool” technology. It has been incredibly humid in Chicago, so these pieces are a must for me if I want to stay at the barn 2+ hours. I have the tights to keep me cool and needed to add a show shirt into the mix: the Dublin Long-Sleeve Tina Show Shirt. This shirt is part of Dublin’s performance clothing line, made of technical CDT (Comfort Dry Technology) fabric that will perform for you no matter what weather you throw at it. The CDT fabric will keep you cool by pulling away sweat from your body for the ultimate comfort while riding. Some of it’s other features include:I can promise you guys that this will be constant in my summer riding wardrobe, HANDS DOWN. Don’t let the name fool you, you won’t want to keep this gem set aside just for shows. I’ve worn it to the barn a few times now, and I absolutely loved training in it.

I had a couple concerns at first, it’s long sleeved and white. Normally, I shy away from wearing long sleeves in the summer (for obvious reasons), but I was extremely impressed with how cool this shirt kept me. The mesh-like fabric allowed for the perfect amount of airflow and coverage. It is white and mesh, so it must be see-through, right? NOPE! For testing purposes, I wore a black and grey patterned sports bra, and at best all you could see was a faint shadow, even in the sun. 

The first time I wore the Dublin Long-Sleeve Tina Show Shirt to the barn, I did all my usual tasks: groomed, tacked, rode, and bathed my horse. I thought FOR SURE this shirt would be stained and ruined. I even got a “You’re brave for wearing white here” remark from another boarder. Well, I was proven wrong after I washed and dried it (oops - the tag says to hang dry, but in the dryer it went). To my surprise it came out looking brand new! My fear of wearing white, for anything but show, has started to dwindle.  

Comfort and breathability aren’t the only important features of this shirt. The princess seams and collar are notable characteristics as well. The seams give the shirt a very flattering fit, making it a great shirt for any body type. The other feature to point out is the self stand-up fabric collar with a stock loop on the back. This makes going from the practice to show ring a smooth and easy transition.   The Dublin Long-Sleeve Tina is available in sizes XXS-XXL and priced at $34.95.  

Author: Michelle P.

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