Choosing The Right Schooling Tight

Choosing the right schooling tight when there seems to be so many choices for sale can be a bit daunting. Knowing what to look for will help narrow down your search from the beginning! 

Riding tights are stretchy and comfortable pull on riding pants. They do not always have belt loops, nor do they open at the waist, so they can be likened to the yoga pants of riding. Many riders find a tight super comfortable to wear, while others find they ride down and slide too much. It will be a little dependent on your body shape whether you want to look for the right schooling tight or breech. 

Form Versus Function Warmer Schooling Tights 

Schooling tights come in a variety of shapes and styles as well. Some come with belt loops while others do not. There are some, like the Kerrits Power Stretch Zippered Pocket Tight are made with a cozy and warm polar tech fabric that keeps you warm with a thick fleece, yet have a smooth outer surface designed to repel hay, shavings, and other barn materials and debris. They have belt loops to keep them up and in place, and knee patches of synthetic suede for grip and security. The Kerrits Flow Rise Fleece Performance Tights are made of warm fleece material that is soft and comfortable against your skin. They have a mid-rise elastic waistband and pull on quickly for terrific warmth during winter riding. They feature GripStretch knee patches for rider security and wash easily in the machine. 

Lightweight Schooling Tights 

For ultimate comfort in a lightweight, breathable and stretchy fabric and design, there are schooling tights such as the Devon-Aire Ladies Versailles Cotton Riding Tight that are form-fitting and flattering, yet pull on as quickly and easily as your favorite pair of yoga pants! Lightweight schooling tights still have knee patches for protection and grip!

There are also riding tights made out of new fabric such as the ‘second-skin’ technology of Viscose fabric, like that found in the Devon-Aire Ladies X-Wear Hipster Riding Tights. This fabric has moisture wicking abilities, and has the ability to stretch and move as you ride. The feel is very lightweight and comfortable, and this type of schooling tight is becoming a favorite choice for many riders to ride with daily.  

Other lightweight schooling tights, like the Irideon Synergy Tights, are designed with a more supportive system of seams that contour and support your muscles, and are made of a combination of technologically advanced fabrics made by the manufacturer. They have Cadence Rib side panels and waistband, which adds compression and support, as well as Jacquard mesh panels for terrific ventilation to keep you dry and cool. Irideon has other designs and styles of their lightweight tights available, including boot cut tights for riders that prefer the open feel of a loose pant leg over their boot, such as Irideon Issential Boot Cut Tights. The Irideon Issential Pipeline Tights have a contrasting back yoke and sporty lines with their muscle contouring and supportive panels. They bring an updated, modern and fun look to the traditional riding attire, and have Chamisoft knee panels to finish, with belt loops. Kerrits has a light riding tight made with fabric that actually cools your legs as you ride! Activated by moisture from perspiration, the Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tight turns moisture into a refrigerant to cool the rider while exercising their horse. 

Kids’ Riding Tights 

Tights are often a favorite of young riders, for their comfort and stretch. They often come in a variety of colors and fabrics that are more appealing to the skin than the traditional fabrics of breeches. They are also ideal for growing riders with their stretch and give; they tend to last a little longer. Parents can appreciate the high quality with the commonly much lower price point too!
Simple tights like the Kerrits Kids Performance Tights are perfect for a young, rapidly growing child. They have both stretch and comfort, as well as the knee patches of traditional breeches. There are super high tech tights available for kids, such as the Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Tech Tight. These tights are made of a special fabric that stretches for comfort, and has extra cooling ability as it converts moisture from sweat to a refrigerant, as in the adult version mentioned above! The same fabric also offers a 50+ SPF level of sun protection.
There are also warm winter schooling tights for kids, like the Kerrits Kids Performance Tights. These are designed for extra warmth and softness during winter riding, perfect for colder climates, outdoor riding or cold riding arenas!

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