Centaur Travel Gear

It has taken me almost a year to realize that I have been missing some very important pieces for my English tack…travel bags! I’ve been lugging that saddle around with just the fleece cover, my helmet in the box, boots thrown into my car for so long; I just did not realize how much easier my life could be.
After coming to this realization, of course my first thought was CENTAUR! I always see other people using their cute travel gear and saw the bags listed on our site. I knew these were exactly what I needed.

There are a few different styles to choose from. I went with the Embroidered collection and got the saddle, helmet, and boot bags. I decided to go with the Embroidered collection because - who doesn’t like a cute, whimsical pattern? You just look at it and are happy. All the pieces are made with durable, quilted fabric to ensure that your gear doesn’t get damaged. The color contrasting horseshoe pattern is simple, yet fun, and is on the inside of the bags too! They also include double zippers for ease of access.

The features:


The inside of these bags is so soft, you will never need to worry about your belongings getting scratched up or dull looking. These bags will protect them from the outside elements, whether they stay at the barn, in your trailer, or are kept at home. Your boots, saddle, and helmet will look…well exactly how the should. So if you clean your gear (highly recommended) before you put it away, then it will stay looking brand new! The lucky horseshoe pattern was SO popular that the helmet bag is actually sold out (I’ll update once it comes back in stock).

However, you can still purchase the boot and saddle bag. There are a garment bag and saddle pad that are available in this pattern as well. Horseshoe pattern not for you? Centaur offers collections in plaid and solid colors too.
You can find those here.

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